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The Plan So Far.....


This is where I will be posting the latest info about the trip. Any updates you need to know will be available here.

As of May 19 2004:

The park has been reserved. We are in spot 410. The dates are Aug 8 - 13. We will arrive on Sunday and depart on Friday.  Check out time is 13:00. You may wonder why I have chosen to bug out just as the weekend is coming up, it's because every idiot and his retarded family show up on Friday and Saturday nights. If your looking for some peace and quite at night, the weekends not the time to do it.

Also, if we come back on Friday, those of us who have to go to work on Monday still have the weekend to relax. Gives you the time to ease your selves back into the city life.

The camping spot is all paid for. All we gotta do is provide the stuff.

The Cast.

Pat, Shelly, John, Sarah, Kelly, Todd, Shadow and Sam..

This will be the fifth year in a row camping for Sarah, Kelly and Todd. I'm not in charge or anything, but we found a certain plan works best. The men, children and dogs will do the unpacking and setup of the site. The woman folk head into town and pick up the food, beer, propane, and whatever else we may need.

Keep some money aside guys. It's B.Y.O.B and we will be needing fire wood. We found a guy just outside the park that will fill my trunk with wood for about $12.00. That usually lasts us about two nights or more.

We will have all the equipment and supplies the group will need. Just a couple of exceptions. Pat and Shelly are bringing their own tent and bedding. John will be bringing his own bedding, I will provide his shelter. It's an electrical site. I will provide everything to wire each tent with lights and an outlet. I'm contemplating taking our coffee maker. No having to light the stove to cook up some instant coffee. I'm getting away from it all, but I seem to be bringing it all with me.

One more thing folks. STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN. Anyone interfering with the cook will be stuffed, broiled and served for the next meal. Mmmmmm...Rack of Man.


As of May 20 2004

Last night I called all parties concerned and informed them of the new web site. Just left messages with their robots.

Added a new guest book and a few new links to the site. Use the guest book to ask myself or the group questions. Use it as a suggestion box. Don't matter really, ain't nothin but something to do.


As of May 21 2004

Pat and Shelly visited the site today. Thanks for your entry in the guest book. I have posted a forum page where everyone else can go and publish their ideas.

My main reason for building that page was so we could list the things we should bring. Any items or suggestions you have, just post them there.

OK, That Sucked!!!! Too much crap you have to go through to post or read other posts. I deleted it. So No BLOG.


As of May 23 2004

Went to Crappy Tire yesterday and bought a 500W halogen flood light. Christ!!!! No light on earth should be this bright. I got it just in case we have an urgent light requirement at night. You never know, may get to drunk to walk and fall on someone's tent. 

Added all of our Email address's to the front page. Just click on the name to contact any one of us.


As of May 31 2004

Well....we are all paid up. all parties concerned have paid me their share of the camping fee's, were good to go.

As of today. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE everybody keep an eye open for those small propane canisters going on sale. We will be needing those for both the stove and the BBQ. They sell them in packs of three sometimes real cheap. If you see any on sale, either call me or pick one or two up. Thanks much.


As of July 7 2004

Well...ha ha, I need a new propane lantern. Why you ask, well, because the last one almost BLEW UP and killed me and Sean. I had bought a cheap single mantle lantern at a flea market two years ago, I guess the O-Ring between the bottle and lantern wore out. We were both down in my locker cleaning stuff out when we decided to use the lantern for light. I had the lantern hanging in one of the lockers and turned it down low because it was getting pretty hot. Actually, it almost set the wood wall on fire. First idiot mistake. Don't hang the lantern next to wood. I then hung the lantern next to a cement wall, I walked away to the other locker for two or so minutes, when I came back, flames were shooting out between the bottle neck and lantern. They were also coming out from the mantle. In other words the whole freaking thing was on fire. Woo Hoo!!! A propane canister about to explode in a confined wood lined locker. Option 1: Run away screaming and deny any involvement.  Option 2: Attempt to turn the lantern off and put the fire out. Option 3: Fling the flaming lantern out of the locker and duck and cover. Option 1 was my first instinct but option 3 seemed more exciting. Option 2 was my final action. Worked out okay, tossed the lantern in the garbage and took a smoke/beer break. Anyway, I need a new lantern now. If anyone sees one on sale, call me up.


As of July 9 2004

Great, great news everybody. We just got confirmation that Shelly will most definitely be joining us camping. Apparently she got slightly pissed at her employer and rearranged her own status. They had her on contract and were giving her all the crap shifts. They had also planned to have her covering everyone else's vacation. We all know when everybody wants to take vacation, AUGUST!!!! She would have been off for one day of our trip and then working the rest. Oomph Dat!!!! Good job Shell. Gonna be good to have you with us. Only 1 month to go folks.


As of July 25 2004

Hello all, Sarah and I....mostly Sarah bought a new tent and propane lantern today. Got them at Wal-Mart. What a great deal. The lantern is a dual mantle with a hard shell carry case and foot base. $48.00. To get this from Crappytire would have cost us over $100.00. The tent is huge. 17'x13'x76". It has room enough for 7 0r 8 and has a screened in porch/dining shelter on the front. It even came with a remote control light that attaches to the roof. One problem, the remote requires a special type of photo battery that costs over $20.00. Screw that. What happened to the old AAA? The light only takes two AA's so I can afford to run that. Ha Ha. We can now lend Pat and Shelly or other tent. I'm sure they can fit there Queen size water bed in there no problem. Only 12 days to go.


As of August 3 2004

Well.....only 5 days to go folks, 6 really but on the 6th we will be sleeping with the bears. By this time everybody should be getting their stuff together. Some of us have more to worry about then others. With myself bringing most of the equipment, I'm kinda running around with about 300 things in my head. Don't you worry none, I've never had to go back to the city for something I forgot. I just go out and buy a new one. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Anyway, Pat and Shelly have said John can use their new tent since they will be using my big tent. Brand new tent John, aint even been christened yet so be careful. We (Pat and I) have decided to set the tents up as sort of a privacy wall by the road. Not too close, don't want some drunken bastard driving over us in the night. We will leave enough room to park the cars behind the tents. This will give us pleanty of room in the back for fires and fun. Maybe fun with fire, Ugh Ugh Ugh. Pat asked me to bring a shovel so he could dig a moat around his tent. My only question is, where ya gonna get the sea monsters to fill it with? Ba dump dump. Thank you, I'll be here all week. But seriously, it's a rain trench he's after. But now he's got me thinking, just hope his trench don't empty into my tent. Hmmmmm. That's it for now folks, not much to report tonight. I'm gonna go start to lay stuff out for the trip. Wish me luck.

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