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2005 A New Hope


As of Nov/7/2004

Well......I just talked to Sean and he is good to go for camping next year. This means that the cast for 2005 will be as follows:

Pat, Shelly, Sarah, Todd, Kelly, John, Sean, Shadow and Sammy.

Pat and Sean and I have already decided we are going to get two sites. That will be site # 922 and # 925. These sites are next door to each other with a nice opening in the tree line to walk or drive through. Pat and Shell will be occupying site # 925 along with the cars and a play area. We figure on using 925 to play football, baseball, soccer or any other extra activities like that. Should be really cool.

I'm getting worked up already. Hope I don't have a breakdown with the anticipation of it all.


As of Nov/8/2004

 Was discussing this whole thing with the wife. Neither one of us wants to pay $95.00 to park a car for a week, so we came up with this. We make two trips with the car. Here's how the whole thing breaks down. Pat, Sammy and Sean head over to my place on the Sunday morning to load up. Shelly gets to sleep in and relax. We drive the truck up with Sarah, Todd, John and Kelly in the car. Once we get to 922 we unload everything. Sarah takes the car back to get Shelly and Shadow and they do the shopping on the way up. This gives them the chance to stop off at the Garden Basket in Markham. While they are doing the food and beer run, the men set up camp. We will bring a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches for the advance party to munch on while working.

On the reverse. Sarah will take Shelly and Sammy back to Toronto with all the blankets, pillows and some clothes. She will drop off the passengers and cargo while the men break camp. When she comes back up, we load up and head out. It may seem like a lot of extra work but we sure could have used that extra $95.00 last year. Sarah doesn't mind the extra driving. That's the plan. 

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